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We are a team from Berlin focused on developing JAMstack based solutions for Headless CMS

How we do it

Our extensive skills cover all steps of modern project development and ensure a smooth flow from any stage

Agile workflow

Iterative and transparent way to manage the development process.



Creating a unique design according to modern trends.



Using innovative tools to maximize development velocity.



Stable and secure supply achieved by automation.

What we offer

to speed up your business with us
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Shifting your Legacy CMS (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla) website to headless CMS (e.g. contentful, ghost.js, prismic) speeds up the development process and delivers your content in a more secure and scalable way. Decoupling the frontend with Gatsby and React provides an ability to move the user experience to the next level.

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New Project from Scratch

Start a new project based on JAMstack to create ridiculously fast, scalable and SEO-optimized solutions for the modern web. Rich ecosystem of components and plugins encourages rapid development.

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Integrating with E-Commerce platforms (e.g. Shopify) gives you an ability to deliver your product in a fast and non-demanding manner without focusing on the complexity of technological solutions.

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Adapting your content to users` language and culture is an important part of creating a great user experience. Modern JAMstack solutions built with the idea of localization in mind.

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Server-side rendering makes your content accessible with better Lighthouse scores and easier to index by Google.

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Integrating modern CMS with your already existing product built on top of the modern tech stack(Django, Rails, Node.js) is a way to pick the best from different technologies by creating service-oriented architecture.

Technologies We Use

Tools and services helping us to deliver remarkable products
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Who we are

Meet our team of highly experienced professionals
Oleg Zayarniy

Oleg Zayarniy

Passionate designer with several years of professional experience at well-known brands and agencies.

Now focusing on designing and building user interfaces.

Max Kharandziuk

Max Kharandziuk

10 years of Software Development Experience with focus on delivering software for real world problems and building agile processes.